Live Bomb Detector

EDGE A visitor scanning system designed for precise target protection.

600 people per hour, scan time less than 5 seconds. People can pass through the detectors without decelerating. This reduces long queues and obstructions.

Thanks to its movable and easily positioned design, it can be completed in 30 minutes or less.

Detects hidden explosives, pistols and other weapons hidden by a person, including non-metallic explosives.

No need to leave things, wait and stop. Your personal belongings can be left in your pocket. Keep walking.

Practical and automated scanning results with red / green light.

Face Recognition 
The optional Evolv Pinpoint with face recognition is a product that can be integrated into the Evolv Edge.

With its built-in camera, it captures visitors’ face images and matches them to the database. The match results are displayed by the security, depending on the group [employee, VIP (important person), BOLO (suspicious person).

Live Bomb Detector Dimensions

Clearance: 81.3 cm

Dimensions: 88.9 cm x 142.7 cm x 169.3 cm (W x W x H) 74.4 ″ x 56.2 ″ x 66.6 ″